Our Story

Nutrition is our Founding Principal.

Verde Juice opened in 2015 after founder Kelly Egolf healed herself on four months of liquid diet following major jaw surgery.  The surgeon told Kelly to stock up on corn-syrup based nutrition shakes and to expect to spend six months in bed without any energy.  Wired shut and released from the hospital, Kelly set to work customizing her own line of nutritional supplements.  Juice wasn’t sustaining and smoothies were too thick or sugary.  Through research on nutritional properties of whole foods and experimentation, she learned she could combine cold-pressed juice with leafy greens, seeds and nuts for maximum nutritional benefit.  She recovered in a matter of weeks, not months, having created an entire line of delicious and nutritious organic juice blends and supplements. 



Susan Higgins, Sungreen Living Foods in Santa Fe

Aaron and Elan Silverblatt, Silver Leaf Farms in Corrales

Verde supports organic farming.

Verde products are not certified organic, but they contain 100% certified organic products.  Whenever possible, Verde buys from local organic farmers, like Susan Higgins at Sungreen Living Foods and the brothers at Silverleaf Farms.  When we can’t source it locally, it probably comes from our distribution partner, Veritable Vegetable.  This amazing B Corp organic food distributor was created to support small to mid-sized farmers and independent retailers. 


Why doesn’t Verde have the organic logo on bottles? 

As a social enterprise, Verde strives to change the local food economy.  One of the ways we work toward this mission is supporting other start-up food entrepreneurs with shared commercial kitchen space.  Our kitchen partners are also committed to organic and local food, but our status as a shared kitchen eliminates the possibility of organic certification for the entire facility. 


We aim to be zero-waste.

Our facility was designed to be zero-waste and employees practice zero-waste measures every day.  Juice pulp is composted, materials are recycled, grab-and-go foods are all in compostable packaging, and equipment is all set to low-water use.  When food or juice approach expiration, we give it away to area food pantries or to local hospitals for healthcare workers.